• Episode 210

The Ultimate Noise: AI and News Pollution

AI has been in the news a lot lately. But what happens when AI starts making the news? Generative AI–the type of artificial intelligence that pulls from existing data to create new content–presents a significant challenge to journalism. It can enable misinformation to spread like wildfire. How can the average consumer tell what’s real and what’s not? Hosts Leah Dajches and Matt Jordan find out by talking with Jack Brewster from NewsGuard, an organization that provides transparent tools to counter misinformation.

About our guest

portrait of Jack Brewster

Jack Brewster is Enterprise Editor for NewsGuard. Prior to working at NewsGuard, Brewster was a Fulbright scholar in Munich, Germany, conducting a research project about the role of journalists in the digital age. Previously, Brewster was a reporter at Forbes Magazine, covering politics, misinformation, and extremism. Brewster also has written about politics for Time Magazine, Newsweek, Vice News, and the New York Daily News.